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Welcome to Meta Penitentiary!

What a great coincidence! Just about when Facebook decided to move us all into metaverse while suddenly changing company name to get ahead of federal prosecutors, another billionaire-turned-architect smells money. Charles Munger, the right-hand of the legendary investor Warren Buffet, cannot be wrong when it comes to spotting lifetime business opportunities.

Welcome to Meta Penitentiary

Munger’s proud own design is mega-dormitory housing 4500 students, to be built at the University of California. What does it have to do with metaverse? Well, it’s a perfect fit for our New Metaverse Human!

94% of the inhabitants won’t have windows. All they’ll get is a cramped single-bed cubicle with tiny desk, single chair, internet connection, no bathroom and just enough space to stand still but no push-ups or wild night parties. Click here for all the gore details.

Dorm Floor Plan

On seeing this, Dennis McFadden, a Los Angeles architect and member of the university’s design review committee of 15 years, has submitted his resignation. Unfortunately, the message didn’t get through. U.C. Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry Yang insist that this “inspired and revolutionary design concept for our new housing project will benefit the students who live there. Munger Hall will offer an unprecedented residential experience.”

I’m afraid that even a ritual seppuku on the White House lawn would not change their minds. After all, there’s a long history of similar revolutionary designs by wealthy people, offering unprecedented residential experience and even exciting travel opportunities. Picture courtesy of the British Museum:

Slave Ship Blueprint

Boy, they all know best what makes us people happy. Who would ever need a breath of fresh air while breaking sweat with push-ups if you can have entire fake universe inside your goggles, where you can be a Hulk flying at Mach 6 if you wish so. All this awesome goodness with zero physical effort, and at a nominal fee, terms, conditions and extortionate dorm rent might apply. Better this than allow rats spend too much time in the real world and get crazy ideas.