The Big Bro

Edward Snowden is explaining today the ins and outs of Apple’s recent privacy-invading initiatives. And for me, the first credible explanation of “why?”

Alltogether the article makes a rather depressing reading. Yet in the end we do have a choice, and can vote with our wallets …

Snowden’s brutal conclusion:

This is not a slippery slope. It’s a cliff. […] Unfortunately, I am here to report that once again, the optimists are wrong: Apple’s proposal to make their phones inform on and betray their owners marks the dawn of a dark future, one to be written in the blood of the political opposition of a hundred countries that will exploit this system to the hilt. See, the day after this system goes live, it will no longer matter whether or not Apple ever enables end-to-end encryption, because our iPhones will be reporting their contents before our keys are even used.