Charles Petzold, Windows Pioneer, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, the Great Ancient One who has proudly educated millions of Windows developers, has just shared the following succint message, regarding Microsoft Edge and its intrusive advertising practices:

“Screw you, Microsoft Edge”.

See it for yourself!

Charles Petzold has an important point. It’s not just another invasion of privacy, one of a thousand a day. It is also downright insulting, to treat humans in this way. Each time a software tells me how it knows better what’s good for me and what is not, I feel insulted. During my 25 years with computers, haven’t I had enough time to figure out what I need, how to buy things online or when is the best time to install OS updates? I believe I know these things pretty well by now. Yet, I’m being treated like I’m intellectually inferior.

What can I say ;-) Respect yourself. Think for yourself. Don’t let others decide for you in matters which you often know way better than many around you. Vote with your arms, legs and brain, until they get they message!

Use Firefox, Vivaldi or other privacy-aware browser. Consider abandoning privacy-invading software like suggested earlier: Move to computing platforms which are safe by design, but also trust your judgement and let you use your powers uninhibited, whenever you need it, with no questions asked.

I believe that a single walk-away vote by IT professional like you resonates more than 10,000 cries by IT consumers.