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Architecture | Multi-User Applications with PouchDB and IBM Cloudant

Imagine a web application used simultaneously by many users. It can become necessary to keep them in sync. We want to ensure that they all look at the same fresh data. We might want them to interact with each other. Think about co-editing of documents on Google Drive, chat applications etc. We’ve implemented a simple solution for seamless synchronization of application state in real time, using a NoSQL database hosted in the cloud.

The Rise and Fall of a Senior Developer

A slightly ironic look at realities of hiring in IT. True story based on own experiences, discussing a controversial issue of programmer’s rank and seniority, with lots of rants and code samples for entertainment. At some point in my programming career I’ve been named a Senior Software Developer. Then my customers started asking me to help interview their new hires. Many of them applying for a similar senior role. What does this term mean? How did these interrogations go?